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Welcome to the Wang Shi Xing Wudang Kung Fu School website.

Wang Shi Xing Wudang Kung Fu School is a small family run Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi School with an emphasis on quality training and individual development. Located a short five minute walk from Wudang Mountain Gate we teach Wudang Kung Fu including a variety of weapons and Wudang Tai Chi to people of all ages and ability levels in a friendly and relaxed environment. 
Master Wang has been studying Chinese martial arts full time for over 30 years and is a 15th generation Wudang SanFeng Master joining the ranks of the direct descendants of Zhang SanFeng. Zhang SanFeng is said to have developed Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Wudang Internal Kung Fu while he was living as a hermit on Wudang Mountain cultivating his spirituality, learning the Way of the Dao and becoming an Immortal.

There are many different Kung Fu schools in Wudangshan each offering different levels and types of instruction and we thank you for taking the time to look at us. We feel we offer a unique, personal and wholesome environment suitable for all levels of study and training. Please take the time to view the more in-depth information about our school and Master Wang on the other pages of our modest website which we have kept completely honest and as simply constructed as possible.
Please be aware that we are a small school as Master Wang wishes to instruct each student personally. Therefore we only have limited 


spaces available for long term or short term study and booking as far in advance as possible is highly recommended.

If you have an questions at all that are not answered by these pages please do not hesitate to contact us via email :